Best Treadmill under 30000 home use in India 2021

Best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India

Best Treadmill in India | Check price on Amazon | April 2021

Running outside has its benefits such as getting vitamin D, breathing fresh air, socializing, etc.

Even a few minutes of running every day can make a big difference in your health and can help reduce your overall body fat percentage.

We all know that in today’s times everyone’s life is very busy and if people do not have enough time to run outside, then we can invest in best treadmill brand in India.

 Moreover, in this time mostly people are leading busy life and those who can’t allocate enough time to in anywhere. Apart from that, run can invest in the best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India.

In the below has the best treadmill brands in India.

Buy a Best Home Treadmill for you and family.

1. PowerMax treadmill Fitness TDM-99 series


Color Black
Material Steel
Brand PowerMax
Item Dimensions 67.8×121.9×67.8 cm
Item Weight 41 kg
Motor power 2.0 HP DC
Maximum weight capacity 110 kg
Speed 1.0-14.0 km/H
Warranty 3 year motor, 1 year parts and labour warranty
  • This powermax treadmill provide to lifetime Frame Warranty.
  • Apart from that, this best treadmill brands comes with the 3-Year Motor Warranty, and 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty.
  • In this motor has very powerful, comes with the 2.0HP DC Motor.
  • 3-level manual inline for intense workouts
  • This best treadmill for walking has best quality blue LCD Display – Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie and Heart Rate.
  • Best home treadmill provide to you maximum weight user: 110KG.
  • Apart from that, it is comes with the select hot keys with speed 1.0 – 14.0 km / h.
  • Preset program for 12 skilled workouts and 3 goal based modes.
  • It is come with the running surface: 45.2 X 15.9 in / 1150 X 405 mm.
  • You can connect this treadmill with the AUX cable to play music directly.
  • In this best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India has the mobile and tablet holders to keep your smart devices safe.
  • Hydraulic soft drop system (HSS) for easy folding and unfolding


Manufacture provide to you free Installation

Comes with the warranty

Easy to use

Provide a best quality motor


Sometimes manufacture deliver it late.


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2. PowerMax Treadmill TD-N1 1.5 HP pre-installed home use.


Color Black
Material Steel
Brand PowerMax
Item Dimensions 146.8×103.4×146.8 cm
Item Weight 35 kg
Motor power 2.0 HP DC
Maximum weight capacity 90 kg
Speed 1.0-12.0 km/H
Warranty 3 year motor, 1 year parts and labour warranty
Display type LCD
  • PowerMax treadmill gave you easy way to use. You easily plug and run treadmill – no assembly required.
  • Comes with the High power 2.0HP DC Motor.
  • This best treadmill for walking provides to you a bluetooth connection to play music.
  • You can easily connect treadmill via Bluetooth with Android and iOS apps.
  • This best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India comes with the 3 LED Display with 3D Smart Touch Keys – Time, Speed, Distance, Heart Rate, Calorie, Program.
  • Apart from that, best home treadmill provide to you maximum user weight: 90KG.
  • Moreover, comes with Speed: 1.0 -12 km / h
  • This best preset program for 12 skilled workouts and 3 goal based modes.
  • Powermax treadmill gave you running Surface (L x W) – 1210 X 410 mm / 47.6 X 16.1 in.
  • Its wheels for easy transportation.
  • Moreover, it is provide lifetime frame warranty, 3 year motor warranty and 1 year parts and labor warranty.


Safe and user friendly

Plug and run zero installation


Hand heart rate monitoring

Safe running with safety key

Easy to use

Value for money


Sometime it reduce bit noisy


3. Durafit Mustang best treadmill brands


Color Black
Material Steel
Brand Durafit
Item Weight 71 kg
Motor power 2.75 HP DC
Maximum weight capacity 130 kg
Speed 1.0-12.0 km/H
Warranty 3 year motor, 1 year parts and 5 year warranty
Display type LCD
  • Powerful 2.75 HP (5.5 HP Peak) Motor

It best treadmill brands comes with the powerful 2.75 hp (5.5 hp peak) motor is the newly developed copper-mesh core technology that provides high performance at very low noise and power consumption.

  • Folding system

The best home treadmill provides hydraulic system at the base of the treadmill ensures that is easily folded and lowered without any tension, and can be placed in a small space.

  • Predetermined schedule

This best treadmill for walking has 12 preset HIIT training programs and target and chase modes, which can be selected by users working towards weight-loss or maintenance.

  • Running surface

This best home treadmill has the 1230 * 440mm running surface provides a more comfortable and stable workout experience.

  • Heart rate sensor

Comes with the heart rate sensors provide an accurate real-time reading for users.

  • Portable wheels

With easy wheels at the base, the treadmill can be easily carried to any part of the house.

  • Heavy duty construction

This best treadmill brands frame is made with high quality steel. It is stronger than other materials and can bear more weight.

  • User weight

Best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India recommended maximum user weight (walking): 130 kg and maximum user weight (running): 90 kg. [Note: Always choose a treadmill in which the user’s weight capacity is at least 20 kg more than your current weight as the weight increases during the effect]


Comes with the digital display

Best quality heart rate sensor

Auto incline

Easy to use

Feather light portability

Music on the run


Sometime it makes little noise while running at high speed.


Best Treadmill Brands….

4. Fitkit Treadmill FT200 Series 2.25HP Motorized diet & Fitness


Color Black
Material Steel
Brand Fitkit
Item Weight 65 kg
Motor power 2.25 HP DC
Maximum weight capacity 130 kg
Speed 1.0-12.0 km/H
Warranty 1 year motor and Defect 3 year frame warranty
Display type LCD
Dimensions 170x76x33 cm
  • Free personal dietician (3 months) and personal training video session with doctor consultation for all Fitbit treadmill users.
  • The treadmill connects with the FatePlus app available on Android and iOS platforms – it helps you track your daily workouts and compile all your data in one place.
  • In the best home treadmill has the Fitplus App with the help you can connect to the following industry leading apps – Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, Amazon Alexa.
  • Maximum user weight capacity – 110 kg, Attention: Always choose a treadmill that has at least 20 kg of user’s weight capacity which is higher than your current weight as the impact weight increases while walking.
  • Fitkit treadmill provide to you a best quality LCD display with the help you can see your speed, time, distance and calorie burn, Fitplus app, heart rate monitoring via heart rate sensor. It also comes with a security key.
  • It is come with the 1 year warranty on motor and manufacturing defects, 3 year warranty on frame.

Note- We suggested using a proper stabilizer with this treadmill.


Comes with the 2.25HP Dc Motor

Auto incline and auto lubrication

Free personal trainer session

Maximum user weight capacity 110 kg

Dedicated app support fitplus

Value for money



Inbuilt fan is not very efficient


5. Aerofit treadmill AF 423 2.5 HP with auto Inclination and digital concepts


Color Black
Material Steel
Brand Aerofit
Item Weight 74 kg
Motor power 4 HP
Maximum weight capacity 120 kg
Display type LCD
Dimensions 140x40x76.5 cm
  • Dimensions of this best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India is 74x31x58, Motor Power 2.5 HP continuous, Digital- PWM control, Speed- 1 to 16 Kmph , Height 0 to 15%, Belt size- 54L and 18W.

This aerofit treadmill comes with the Magnetic security key

  • Display: LCD Blue Back Light, Single Window Display. Performance response: heart rate, altitude, time, distance, speed, calories, and program. Program: 19 programs, 14 preset, 3 users, 1 person fat 1manual.
  • Mode / Set Options: The time, distance and calories can be set manually according to the user’s requirement.
  • In this best home treadmill has Heart rate technology with the help you can heart rate control with hand grip pulse sensor.
  • In this best treadmill under 25000 for Home use in India has the power saving mode: If there is no instruction input then system shutdown display under 10 minutes, press any key to restore the system
  • Speaker: In-built speaker for MP3, iPod connection. Accessory holder: water bottle. Frame: Proprietary two-coat electrostatic powder process finish with heavy-gauge welded steel texture to ensure minimal corrosion and chip resistance. Foldable: Smart Folding System.
  • Transport: 2 wheels transport system for easy transportation. Maximum user weight: 120 kg.


Maximum user weight capacity 120 kg

Dedicated app support fitplus

Value for money

Comes with the 2.25HP Dc Motor

Auto incline and auto lubrication

Free personal trainer session


Not found any

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Best Treadmill prices in India

6. Lifelong best treadmill for home use in India under 20000


Color Black
Material Steel
Brand Lifelong
Item Weight 31 kg
Motor power 2.5 HP
Maximum weight capacity 90 kg
Display type LCD
Dimensions 24.5x69x14.5 cm
Material Steel
Frame Material Alloy Steel
Warranty 3 year frame and 1 year motor, parts manufacture defects warranty
  • best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India warranty is: 3 years warranty against frame, 1 year motor warranty and 1 year warranty on parts and manufacturing defects.
  • It is suggested to use a 1000 VA stabilizer.
  • 12 pre-set workout programs to set variable exercise mode for weight loss training and endurance training and 8 rubber pads under deck for shock absorption.
  • Peak motor power- 2.5Hp, this treadmill can accommodate any user, from beginners to pros, from walkers to runners.


2.5Hp Powerful Treadmill

This best treadmill comes with the speakers

Comes with the max speed of 10km/hr

90 degree foldable design for easy mobility

Easy to use

Value for money


Only 1 color available

7. Cockatoo Velocity best treadmill under 30000 in India for home use.


Color Multicolor
Material Steel
Brand Cockatoo
Item Weight 50 kg
Motor power 1.25 HP
Maximum weight capacity 90 kg
Display type LCD
Dimensions 78.7x33x154.9 cm
Material Steel
Frame Material Alloy Steel
Warranty 3 year motor, 1 year parts warranty and lifetime Frame warranty
  • This best treadmill brand provide to you 3 year motor warranty and 1 year parts and lifetime frame warranty.
  • Technical characteristics: time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, fat measurement
  • This treadmill comes with the running Surface (LxB): 14. 5 “W x 41”, Motor Power: 1.25 HP
  • In this best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India has the maximum user weight: 100 kg, inline level: 3 level manual, speed range: 0. 8 -12 km / h, belt thickness: 1 mm
  • Display: 5 “LCD Display
  • Other features: MP, soft-drop folding, heart rate: contact and telemetry enabled
  • Sales package: A treadmill


Comes with the Shock absorbing belt

Technologically advanced

This best treadmill provide speed range 0.8-12 km/hr

Manual Incline

Value for money


No USB slot

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Best budget treadmill in India.

8. Healthgenic 3691PM-N Aluminum best budget treadmill


  • Color- Black
  • Display Type- LCD
  • Display Size- 5 inches
  • Frame material- Aluminum carbon fiber
  • Frame size- 24 inches
  • Speed rating- Single speed
  • Horsepower- 5 Horsepower
  • Power source- Electric
  • Wheel size- 26 inches
  • Item Dimension- 6x66x20.3 cm

Plug and run: Healthgenie pre-installed treadmill 3691pm 90% pre-installed. The user only needs to lift the panel and plug in the screws

Display: Best treadmill in India comes with 3 window LED display with blue backlight. The user can check speed, time, distance and calories while exercising on the treadmill

Speed ​​Limit: The Healthgenie best treadmill in India l comes with a 1-10 kmph speed limit. The user can manipulate the running speed with the up / down button or with the speed shortcut button on the panel.

User weight capacity: Healthgenie 3691pm treadmill has a maximum user load capacity of 110Kg

Easy transport: The 3691pm best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India is equipped with easy transport facility. Portable wheels are placed at the bottom for easy transport of the treadmill from one place to another.

Low Noise Motor: Healthgenie pre-installed treadmill comes with 3691pm 1.5 noise motor with low noise DC motor. At the peak, power can be increased to 3.5hp

Running belt size: 3691pm treadmill designed with a platform size of 3809150mm, keeping in mind the comfort level of the user while exercising.

Compact size: The healthiest pre-installed treadmill 3691pm occupies very little space so that the user can easily arrange space to keep it at home.

Preset Program: Healthgenie pre-install best treadmill in India comes with 3 preset programs with 3 countdown modes. User can select a particular program according to his requirement

Semi Auto Lubrication: The pre-installed treadmill comes with 3691pm semi auto lubrication. The user does not need to follow the old techniques.


9. Stunner Fitness STX-365 best treadmill brands


  • Color- Multi
  • Display Type- LCD
  • Brand- Stunner fitness
  • Frame material- Aluminum carbon fiber
  • Frame size- 24 inches
  • Item weight- 85 kg
  • Horsepower- 6 Horsepower
  • Power source- Electric
  • Wheel size- 26 inches
  • Material- Aluminum
  • Item Dimension- 78x35x170 cm

Warranty: Lifetime frame warranty, 3-year motor warranty, and 1-year parts and manufacturing defect warranty.

Performance: Motorized treadmill with powerful DC motor 3.0 hp continuous power and 6.0 hp peak power. Speed ​​of 1.0–18km / H with select hot keys.

The maximum gradient with 0-15 level auto tilt makes the workout very effective, be it running, walking or walking.

Futuristic console: In this best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India has the awesome display with a 7 ”inch LED display equipped the STX-365 best treadmill in India with an integrated touch keys control pad, enabling a reliable touch screen experience.

Keep an eye on speed, distance, time, calories and heart rate. With hot keys selected for speed and tilt. Interactive Training:

In order to burn calories more effectively, we specifically programmed 12 pre-established training programs and 3 preset target based modes to create a customizable way of exercises.

Semi-auto-lubricating function: The innovative semi-auto-lubricating system makes maintenance of the STX-365 extremely practical.

This provides a uniform distribution of silicon. Constant and annoying re-oiling is no longer necessary. Natural Running Experience:

Large running surface (1360 x 520 mm) allows a training with treadmill. Max. The user weighs 140 kg.

Mobile app: Folding best treadmill in India Bluetooth smartphone supports Android and iOS app connect. The app allows you to control the treadmill, record sports data, and share data across social media.

Join the treadmill and then set your personal training plan. Multi Functional: We have equipped this treadmill with massager, twister, dumbbells and sit-up bar so that you can use it for multiple exercises.

Easily fold away: With wheel transport rollers and a practical quick fold system, the best treadmill in India can fold and move quickly at your home. Quick fold system

Benefits of walking just 30 minutes a day

  1. Reduces chronic diseases.

Researchers at the University of Boulder Colorado found that regular walking can reduce blood pressure by 11 points, as well as reduce the risk of stroke by 20 to 40%.

  1. Keep weight under control.

With the help of the best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India has Regular walking for 30 minutes will help you to maintain weight and not gain much. It will also help to increase metabolism and prevent muscle loss.

  1. Enhancing cardiovascular health.

Take a brisk, deep breath for a fast 30-minute heart that makes the heart more active.

It also increases blood flow and increases blood circulation throughout the body.

  1. Help you sleep better.

Walking increases the effects of melatonin (sleep hormone) which leads to peaceful and deep sleep, which then enhances our immune system.

Deep sleep is essential for everyone as it has the power to heal and restore all. And for a fact, India ranks second in the most sleep-deprived country.

Best point of how to do workout on the treadmill?

While the best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India machine is simple to use, there are many possibilities as to how you can use it. You can start by just walking, or running. You can also do various types of cardio activities on it.

First of all, let us look at some of the beginner level exercises you can do using the treadmill and gradually move on to different tread workouts, which we can do on the treadmill.

Before starting the workout on the treadmill, always make sure that you mount the machine with your feet on both sides of the foot. Set the machine to minimum speed with 0 tilt (comes tilt later) and hit start.

  1. Walking lungs

The lungs are very well known to burn great calories, but doing so can seem a difficult task. Although it may seem that the job is not possible, but it is really fruitful and easy.

Stay stable on the treadmill with your feet up to the width of your hip. Now punch the machine at a speed of 3 kmph or 4 kmph. Set a small tilt of 5% or so and start.

Go ahead and bend your right leg down with your lower body until your left knee touches the ground, while keeping your chest perfectly straight with your hands. Watch the video below for further reference.

  1. Walking and running

Set the speed of the best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India anywhere between 1-3 k mph or maybe 4 kmph. Anything above 4 kmph is more than a walk.

Start walking slowly and ideally, walk for at least 15–30 minutes (if you are not going for a jog or a mid-run, 30 minutes should be fine).

To run, running at high speed from the beginning is never straight. Always start at a small pace and then gradually increase your speed. For a quick jog, one should be fine at a maximum speed of 15 min 5 or max 6

If running, try to run for a maximum of 5-7 minutes and then take a break before starting. Again, these numbers are not standard and are used to depend on another person separately.

  1. Side Shuffles

Working on both your outer and inner thighs, side shuffles serve as cardio workouts that can also help tone your calves.

For this set the speed of the treadmill at 4 or maybe 6 kmph. Always start at a small speed because there is a slight chance that you fall and fall at a high speed.

Side shuffles are basically running on the sides. Now face perpendicular to the dashboard, shuffling. Start slowly and never do them at high speed and switch sides every few minutes.

You can see how to do this as shown in the video below.

  1. Walking planks

This is another workout that is relatively easy compared to traditional planks. Working primarily on your shoulders, it will also affect your core. For this, set thebest Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India  to the lowest speed of 1 or 2 kmph.

Place our arms at the end of the ramp and walk with your hands while your feet are parallel to it in a flat position.

Make sure you are keeping your body straight, forward and continue it in 1 or 2 minute shifts. Here is a video for reference.

  1. Treadmill Push

A little challenging best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India, it works on your core strength. For this you do not need to turn on your treadmill power. Turn it off and pull the emergency tag.

A quick reminder that this may not work for all different types of treadmills, but only for those types whose belts move when equipment is off.

Now place your arms on the handle below the dashboard and push it while trying to steer.

Keep your elbows slightly bent and make sure that you keep your feet forward as if you are pushing the ramp backwards. Watch this video for further reference.

In the Below has the Best treadmill brands in India

Here is the list of top 10 best treadmill brands in India. They are selected by their popularity, sales and customer ratings. These 10 treadmill brands have a good reputation in the market, so I am mentioning them here


Best treadmill brand in India is PowerMax. The USP of the PowerMax treadmill is that they have the most powerful motors and their supported weight capacity is also impressive.

This brand is very best all over world – PowerMax also provides good customer service.


It is an Indian brand established in 2014. Treadmills by Healthgenie are inexpensive and work smoothly and efficiently.


Wellcare is a brand that makes good quality fitness equipment. It has provided some treadmills with excellent features- a good option for runners.


Durafit produces a best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India with a heavy build and strong design. Treadmills by Durafit are a durable and excellent option for family and home use.


Fitkit is a trendy fitness brand that excels in manufacturing fitness equipment and gear including treadmills.

I have not kept the Fitbit brand. 1 Because it has designed and produced a very excellent and best-selling treadmill – the Fitbit FT 200 Series (listed in this article under Section 15 Best Treadmill in India for Home Use).

The Fitbit FT 200 Series is the best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India since 2019. Fitbit has also produced several other treadmills that have good customer ratings and sales. Customer service of this treadmill brand is also good.


Cockatoo Treadmills has mixed reviews among users. Some found the brand very good, complaining about its poor customer service and return policy.


Cosco is an Indian based sports equipment brand. It is a very popular brand and is trusted by users across India. But it is not as popular in designing treadmills as game gear. If you want to buy a made in India treadmill, consider buying a Cosco treadmill.

Sparnod Fitness

It is the fastest growing brand. Sparnod Treadmill has a good rating in the market and they also provide good service and customer support.

Whatever your goal is running, heavy, running, ultrarunning or simply walking and jogging, the brand is manufacturing a wide range of manual to heavily motorized treadmills.


It is mainly popular for providing treadmills for intensive workouts.

Note: Other good treadmill brands in India are: Afton, Cosco, Aerofit and Proform. Afton manufactures motorized treadmills with rich features such as auto tilt, auto lubrication and affordable prices ..

But I have not yet recommended best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India from these brands in any of my treadmill articles. The simple reason is that I have just found treadmills of the above brands which are more useful.

I may refer to these brands in the future (only if I found it best for you in any update to this article).


DURAFIT VS POWERMAX: Which brand is better?

As I said before, both treadmill brands are very good. Durafit excels in providing the treadmill with robust design. Durafit treadmills are mostly heavy.

On the other hand, PowerMax best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India come with more unique features and fashionable designs. They are compact and easily portable with their foldable designs. These are the compact and easy portable with foldable designs.

For example, the Durafit Heavy Hike 2.5 HP treadmill is one of the best treadmills in India for home use. Apart from that, powermax fitness-UrbanTrack TD-M4 treadmill is one of the very good in stylish and good looking treadmill in India with best feature.

FITKIT VS POWERMX: Which brand is best to lose weight at home

Both treadmill brands are good at helping lose weight and stay in shape. The Fitbit Ft 200 series is safe for people weighing 90–95 kg and the Fitbit Ft063 supports additional weight and can be used by people weighing more than 100 kg.

Talking about PowerMax Fitness TDA-230, it is also safe for people weighing 100 kg.

In FitKit best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India, you get the GFit app on your Android or iOS device while Powemax treadmills are good multifunctional treadmills. Both treadmill brands are good for home use.

Fitbit FT100 VS FT200: Which tritum tremily can I go to?It depends on your needs. If your goal is just to keep going and your whole family is going to use best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India, then you better go for Fitbit FT200. Because it has a longer running belt, stronger motor power (4.5 hp peak), and better speeds up to 16 km / h.

It is fully automated and has almost all the features. Also, if you have knee discomfort, the Fitbit FT 200 is better.

The Fitbit FT100 is good for the whole family if your main objective is not to run (meaning the purpose is to stay fit only which includes walking, walking and running).

It has low motor power of up to 3.25 hp. In one sentence, if you want a single-use treadmill with the basic purpose of running, go for the Fitbit FT100.


Fitbit treadmills are modern design treadmills with some new features such as app support.

Durafit treadmills are comparatively heavy and durable. His weight support is awesome. Both Durafit and Fitkit are liked by treadmills users.



This is the most commonly asked question about treadmill for use. Which is “better” – it depends on your training goals.

If you are seriously looking for an answer to this question, then make sure you don’t forget to read it:

Some people would encourage that you should go for outdoor running. No, they are not wrong. Because running outside improves stability.

On the other hand, others will motivate you to walk on the treadmill. Because you keep pace and improve your performance level.

  • In the last, there is no right or wrong answer. It depends on your goals.
  • Ask yourself you should have a treadmill if:
  • You are a busy person and there is not enough time in the morning for workouts.
  • You live in a polluted area like Delhi. This area is not good for health, especially for older persons and children and those who have asthma, heart or lung problems.
  • The area you choose is not worth jogging or running and is prone to injury every other day.
  • If you are a woman and your responsibilities do not focus on your health.


It is clear that best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India running is safe if used correctly. The treadmill causes you pain in your knees if you are increasing the intensity of your workout.

In case you increase the speed of the treadmill, it puts more pressure on your knees, which can result in knee pain and some irritation in the knee joint. Source-Healthline

So what should you do? You just need to do these steps before starting on the treadmill:

Before starting, ask a trainer or professional support. And if you are in any health condition, you should visit your doctor first.

Allow appropriate time to learn how to operate the machine. Know well the switch on / off button, control panel, safety key etc. are well versed with all operating systems.

Note – Modern best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India provide convenience for easy installation.

Shop for the right shoes.

Do not move on or away from the treadmill belt while walking.

Warm-up and cool.According to the researchers, if the treadmill has auto or manual inline function, you should not raise the grade by more than 3 percent. This may reduce the risk of knee pain. Because it reduces trauma to the legs and knees by up to 25 percent.


In the below has the benefits of the best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India.

The food we eat today is processed, the environment in which we live is polluted, we do not have time to exercise, to eat our mind. The biggest drawback of modern society is an unhealthy lifestyle.

Technology has changed the world. But, it also caused many losses.

So, if you are also dependent on technology for your basic needs, then why not use it to improve your health as well?

Be a little smarter and invest in fitness equipment. Buy a treadmill today to help you stay physically active every day! Basic fitness equipment!

  • These benefits are available while having a treadmill:
  • Running on the treadmill helps you burn more calories and lose weight faster.
  • It is a family tool. When you buy a treadmill for home use, your whole family is motivated to stay fit.
  • Reduces thigh fat.
  • It improves heart health.
  • It improves muscle tone.
  • With small arm weights, you can tone your arm muscles at the same time while running on the treadmill.
  • With the tracking feature, you can measure your progress.
  • You can stop your workouts anytime.
  • It is cheaper to get a treadmill than to register for a gym membership.
  • Helpful if you don’t have time for outdoor running. You can work out on the treadmill at intervals of 15-20 minutes anytime of the day.
  • You can watch TV or read a book while running on the treadmill.
  • It is safe and free from injury.
  • You are not obliged to lack any weather and temperature.
  • The surface of the cushion is easy on the joints.
  • You can take leave for drinking water, toilet if needed.


Every budget in my list is covered from low to high, with various factors such as height, weight and brand and purpose of exercise. It also includes the best treadmill in India and best Treadmill under 30000 for Home use in India a buying guide.

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