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Leg elevation pillow

Elevation Pillow | Check on Amazon | March 2022

If someone has pain, swelling, poor circulation, or recently had surgery, the best leg elevation pillow may be the best companion for you in your life.

The best of such pillows are not only useful for the feet, but can also be used to give comfort to the neck, shoulders and back.

Moreover, looking for the best pillow that can make your TV time more enjoyable? You have come to the right place. Backrest pillows are designed to give you a comfortable and firm backrest while watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

You do not have to waste time to organize your regular pillows, which eventually ends in back pain and ruined pillows..

In this article, we are going to discuss the Leg elevation pillow benefits and aspects to consider when buying it so that you can select the right product for you.

Leg elevation pillow for swelling Leg elevation pillow for swelling
Metron Orthopedic bed wedge
  • :Item weight 2.6 kg Material Medical Grade pure firm foam
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Elevation Pillow Elevation Pillow
FOVERA foot Elevation
  • :Item weight 2 kg Product Care Instructions Machine Wash
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Leg elevation pillow Leg elevation pillow
Ebung Memory foam
  • :Item weight 1.95 kg Material Memory foam
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Leg elevation benefits Leg elevation benefits
Jsb BS33 Leg elevation
  • :Item weight 4 kg Material PU foam
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In the below has the best leg elevation pillow in India

1. Metron Orthopedic bed wedge Leg elevation pillow for swelling in India



Color Random good color
Material Medical Grade pure firm foam
Item Dimensions 70.5×58.4×21 cm
Shape Wedge
Product Care Instructions Machine Wash
Item weight 2.6 kg

About this Item:

Metron’s oversized leg elevation pillow is one of the best quality products, it is a wedge-shaped pillow, the pillow weighs just over 2.50 kg, which is quite decent and portable.

The build quality is excellent and compact, made with high quality polyurethane foam, the pillow size is very good and can be used for studying and reading, among many other things.

The fabric is soft and removable only for machine washing, this product is fabric hypoallergenic, ensuring that the user is not allergic, so it is good for the skin.

The upper part of the product has a unique design that keeps the feet in proper position, as it is non-slip and provides good support to the feet and reduces swelling.

If you have pain in your knees, hip, or even your back, including your feet, this wedge leg elevation pillow will give you a moment of relaxation, a soothing product, allergy-free and very easy to maintain hygiene.

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2. FOVERA foot Elevation Pillow in India


Color Bamboo
Item Dimensions 60.96×50.8×20.32 cm
Shape Wedge
Product Care Instructions Machine Wash
Item weight 2 kg

About this Item:

The Second leg lift leg elevation pillow, third in the list, is a very lightweight product, so it can be carried easily anywhere by the user.

If you are looking for a low budget leg lift pillow for long use then this would be a good option for you, the material used to make this product is a nice thick but soft foam.

The laundry is removable, it does not bother the user as it will be soft on your skin, the product design looks great, it helps improve blood circulation.

This best leg elevation pillow also helps reduce postoperative period and is beneficial for people with varicose veins, it helps relieve stress on the back, knees and feet.

3. Ebung Memory foam Leg elevation pillow India



Color White
Item Dimensions 33×27.9×18.3 cm
Shape Wedge
Product Care Instructions Machine Wash
Brand Milford
Item weight 1.95 kg
Material Memory foam
About this Item:

First of all, in our eBung brand product list, it is one of the best-selling products; the product weighs just 2 kg, which is quite portable as light.

The construction of the leg elevation pillow is solid and resistant which guarantees long-lasting use for the quality of the ingested material, it is made with memory foam material that also guarantees comfort during rest.

It always retains shape due to a correct construction and design, it does not put any kind of pressure on your feet when you use them, it is also suitable for women who are pregnant or who have just given birth. Gave up because it does not irritate your skin thanks to a high quality supple.

Overall leg elevation pillow is a very good product to get one at home, the cover is washable so you can keep them clean, the dust does not settle easily as it is free of dust so it looks new all the time

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4. Jsb BS33 Leg elevation benefits in India



Item Dimensions 81x72x23cm
Shape Wedge
Product Care Instructions Machine Wash
Brand JSB
Item weight 4 kg
Material PU foam

About this Item:

Next on JSB Healthcare’s list of leg elevation pillow, the brand is one of the trusted and popular brands in India when it comes to health products.

If you are looking for a mid budget leggy cushion, this would be the right choice for you, the product weighs a bit, is about 6 kg, but the workmanship is solid.

This leg lift adjusts and conforms to the shape of the body as it is made with good quality polyurethane foam material and has benefits such as improving blood circulation and reducing back pain, it helps in reducing back pain Is also helpful.

Due to its sloping shape leg elevation pillow  keeps the feet and body in a comfortable and relaxed position, it is also useful after varicose veins, idiopathic edema or surgery.

What is a leg lift pillow?

The leg elevation pillow is specifically designed to provide comfort to your feet, but some of them can also provide comfort to your neck, shoulders and arms.

They are designed in a curved shape so that you can keep your feet in a healthy position that has many health benefits; the main purpose of lifting the pillow is to bring your feet to the right dimensions so as to get a lot of rest and comfort.

You can also put your feet on the wall, but it may not be in the proper alignment you need and most people avoid it due to busy lifestyles, they may give a reason for lack of time.

Therefore, you can see that these lifting pillows can avoid situations where users can simply use them while sleeping.

There are 6 Health Benefits of Using a Leg Lift Pillow in India

You know it’s nice to have your feet at the end of the day, but do you know why? Well, it’s not just in your head.

Elevating your feet can promote better circulation, reduce inflammation, and provide many more benefits. Here are six reasons why you should lift your legs:

  1. Encourage better circulation

Gravity is very important for life as we know it, but it can adversely affect your organs. Gravity draws your blood continuously, stopping its flow.

If your blood vessels and valves are already compromised, gravity can cause blood flow to your lower body, causing a decrease in your circulation.

Elevating the feet helps reverse this process, encouraging blood to move to the center. By raising your feet above your heart, you still harness the power of gravity, just to a different effect.

Taken along with other lifestyle changes, such as regular exercise and wearing compression socks, using a leg lift pillow can actually make a difference to your circulation.

  1. Helps reduce inflammation

Gravity does not just affect your circulation. It can also cause inflammation. If you have ever spent a long day on your feet, your feet and calves probably seem to retain fluids when you were finally able to take off your shoes.

Gravity pulls lymph and other fluids down from your body, causing them to migrate downward and gather in your legs and calves.

Along with circulation, lifting your feet on the pillow helps reverse this process, which drains fluid from your feet and reduces swelling.

If you experience body swelling for other reasons, such as pregnancy, then a leg elevation pillow can also help with this.

  1. Reduce back and leg pain

If you spend the entire day on your feet, you will likely find yourself dealing with foot and back pain when you return home, or perhaps even your days are off.

Due to the combination of improving circulation and reducing swelling, leg lift pillows can help greatly with sore feet or sore backs.

If you are struggling with chronic pain in these areas, as well as other symptoms listed here, then you should consider buying a leg elevation pillow to try at home.

  1. Put pressure on your body

Depending on whether you sleep on your back, arm, or abdomen, it puts pressure on different parts of your body. Sleeping on your stomach makes it very difficult to keep your neck and spine straight, and puts a lot of pressure on your muscles and joints.

If you curl up in a fetal position, the sleep on your side can interrupt your breathing and make you feel sore in the morning. Sleeping on your back is often touted as the best condition, but may even put pressure on your brain due to poor circulation.

Sleeping with a pillow to lift your legs will encourage you to keep your neck and spine straight while promoting a good flow to your brain and beyond.

  1. Improve your sleep

Stimulating circulation, reducing inflammation, relieving pressure on joints, helping with back and leg pain – all of these factors combine for a better night’s sleep.

Swelling, sore throat, and back pain can keep you awake at night, so managing your symptoms can help you sleep faster and sleep longer, as well as improve your sleep quality.

Also, lifting your legs is so comfortable that you will probably fall asleep anyway, even if you (thank you) don’t have to deal with these health problems.

  1. Promoting recovery from surgery

After surgery, your doctor will tell you the possibility of taking it for several days, or even weeks or months.

This bed rest is extremely important as it gives your body the energy needed to recover and reduces the chances of disturbing the surgical site.

However, lying down all day is just bad for circulation and can actually slow your recovery (as slow circulation means blood-borne nutrients are transported less frequently to the surgery site).

Elevating your legs is a great solution to improve circulation while limiting your movement, as directed by your doctor.

Lifting your legs is one of the easiest things you can do for your health – keep your feet up and nap! Along with other lifestyle changes, using a leg lift pillow can improve circulation, sleep, leg pain and more.

Best leg elevation pillow: advantages and leg lift pillows in India

There are many benefits of leg elevation pillow if you use them properly, some advantages are as follows.

»First of all, it gives you much needed rest and relaxation after a busy schedule. These pillows help to relieve stress.

»Leg lift pillows help improve blood circulation in the legs.

»Helps reduce pain in feet and legs, also helps in knee pain completely.

»Some studies show that even these pillows are guaranteed to reduce back pain, with back pain being one of the most common problems, so it would be better to reduce the pain slightly.

»These pillows can usually be used by anyone, but especially if a woman is pregnant, she can use them for comfort and comfort.

»If you have recently undergone a surgery, this is the best way to give you some rest at home.

»Also suitable for people suffering from varicose veins, the foot lift pillow relieves stress so that you can sleep peacefully at night.

»In addition, these pillows are a great way to enjoy reading, studying or even watching movies or playing games.

Buying Guide of best leg elevating pillow in India

Buying a leg lift pillow is not as easy a task as it sounds, but if you consider a few things, you will get a high quality lift pillow that will not only give you the desired results but also guarantee durability.


Quality is one of the important factors to consider if you get the best quality if your work is almost finished because it all depends on the quality.

In leg res, there are two things: external and internal material, as described below.

A: External Material: The outer material of the pillows should be soft and should not irritate the user, so should your skin get maximum comfort, most of the fabric will be cotton or poly cotton, which is considered to be of good quality.

B: Internal material: Although most of the internal material is made of foam material, be sure to read the description of the internal material. If it has any other properties, try to avoid it, the foam material ensures that you feel uncomfortable during do not use.

Removable cover:

Keeping hygiene is an important thing, so outdoor materials or clothes should be easily removable, so that you can wash them and keep them clean, also make sure that if washing instructions are given, most of the laundry should be washed machine.

Hypoallergenic material:

This property keeps you away from allergies, so if your selected product is hypoallergenic, it is sure that most of the latest pillows are hypoallergenic, but it is always best to check them out.

Stability and Surface:

The leg elevation pillow should be firm while using after placing your feet so that you do not have to adjust them and another thing is the surface, especially if you use it at night; they try to lift the flat surface leg pillows. Do it because they help give perseverance.

Multiple Uses:

Although you are taking these pillows especially for the feet if they can be used for the neck, shoulders, then it would be great because you can use them on the other side of the body as well as the lower part of the body.


This is another important factor in leg lift pillows, foam pillows hold their shape longer so you do not need to adjust the size as you use them every time.


It completely depends from one brand to another, some brands may provide warranty or some may not, user can get warranty between 1 to 3 years.


Best Leg elevation pillow is without a doubt the right product that supports and relaxes your feet, proper and daily use can really help provide quality sleep so that you feel more energetic.

In the initial stages, start using it for 30 minutes or split the time twice a day and gradually increase the time. The user can use it for more than 60 minutes, so there will be no harm, just your body. Be sure to use it. Align correctly.

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