Best Tibetan Bowls in India 2022


Best Tibetan bowls in India

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What is Tibetan Bowl?

The Best Tibetan Bowls in India produces a deep rich vibrating sound just like the sound of bells in a temple.

It is an instrument in which a spiritual sound can be produced for healing purposes. There are many types of healing bowls available in the market. It comes in many sizes and shapes. The big bowls are very sharp in sound whereas small bowls produce very delicate sound.

Some small bowls are also available in the market which shapes like the small bells of the temple.

We also call this bowl as a Himalayan bowls because the Himalayan people use this bowl more than others.
This bowl can be the best way to heal a person who are very upset and cannot concentrate in one place.

We can say there are a lot of benefits by using this healing bowl because in today’s era most of the people are upset with their own reasons.

Best Tibetan Bowls in India.

There are 4 types of Bowls.

  1. Bronze Brass
  2. Alloys made up of many metals
  3. Crystal
  4. Modern Bowls for the Everyday
1. Bronze Bowl
  • Bronze Bowl is the Buddhist singing bowl and is very well known for its quality. These Bowls are made of Bronze.
  • The Bronze Bowl indicates the colour of hot coffee.
  • The right combination of tin and copper is taken care of in these bowls. Some bowls are made from the materials which are used for making temples bells. Something (20-25%) tin material used to make these bells.
  • These bowls have very powerful vibrations and sound to heal.
2. Brass Bowls
We all know that brass is a mixed metal made from a mixture of copper and zinc. And when this mixture is formed, it looks like gold.

So that’s why these best Tibetan bowls in India are made by big machines and these machines gave beautiful shapes to these Tibetan Bowls.

Brass bowls do not produce sounds like bronze bowls, these bowls produce high and clear sound with vibrations.

This Tibetan Bowls  comes with high quality and apart from that it is very durable and capable to survive for very long.

You can use these best Tibetan bowls for many years. This bowl looks very attractive, beautiful and you will get these bowls in many sizes from the market.

3. Alloys made up of many metals.
Some bowls are made with many mixed metals. In these bowls, many metals are mixtures like iron, silver, or even gold. When all these metals are mixed, then a very fine metal is prepared, and by using these metal bowls are made.

Different type of metal has its own tone, so the number of metals to use make the bowl is as complex and if a bowl seems to be singing in many tones so this bowl may be made of many types of metals.

Although some ancient bowls are made of many metals, most bowls are made of two metals and it is not that all these bowls produce a magical sound.

All these best Tibetan Bowls in India produce a natural sound and when it makes a sound we all hear is absolutely sweet and produces a melodious sound and our mind that we fell refreshment and it heals our stress as well.

4. Crystal
The crystal bowl is a very good and very attractive sight to see.

We use this crystal singing bowls for healing sound, soothing and meditating the mind at one place, and bringing a new freshness to the mind. These Best Tibetan Bowls easily available in the market.

5. Modern Bowls for the Everyday
We use the new best Tibetan Bowls in India every day and we feel bowl sound.

When the bowls as getting old, the voice of these Bowls gets more sweet and energetic, just as you would have seen as the guitar gets older and ripens after that, it produces an equally good sound which is very well healing for our mind.

Best Tibetan Bowls Buying Guide

  1. Thadobati
  2. Remuna
  3. Jambi
  4. Manipuri
  5. Pedestal
  6. Ultabati
  7. Mani
  8. Lingam


  1. ThadobatiCharacterized by High Straight Walls.

Therefore, we can also call Thado “straight” because the design of this Thadobati bowl is very straight, it has a high sidewall type. Thadobati bowls are very plane in the bottom.

  1. Remuna: Characterized by its Bulbous profile.

Remuna bowl a very low slightly bulbous profile because it looks like a small home uses bowl. These best Tibetan bowls are very easy to play, it generates a unique sound and it also looks very attractive.

  1. Jambi: A Popular chakra Healer

Jambi’s Best Tibetan bowls shapes are very eye-catching. In these bowls you will see, gracefully curved wall, small flat bottom and wide plane inward-facing lip.

This jambati bowl is very heavy than other bowls and it looks the most beautiful. You can easily see that this bowl is beaten by the hammer which gives beautiful marks and good shape design on these Tibetan bowls.

  1. Manipuri: Shallow Walls, Huge Range of Types.

These Manipuri best Tibetan bowls are very Low shallow profile, gently splayed rim with a small rounded bottom.

Anybody can use this bowl easily and rise a perfect noise by this bowl. If anyone uses this with a wooden ringer then it generates a very good sound, so that is why it should be used only by the wooden ringer because it works very well.

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     5. Pedestal or Naga: The Most Mystical Looking.

The shape of Naga best Tibetan Bowls is like, it has Chalice-Like with Fine Rounded Bulbous Wall and Bottom, Circular Pedestal Support.

The Naga bowl is slightly different in appearance as other bowls because it has a circular rim type under the bottom of the bowl, and it make this bowl perfectly straight and stable.

About this bowl, we can say that this bowl is divided into two parts which attract its texture. When the ring is rotated inside, this bowl produces a very sweet tune.

     6. Ultabati: Witchy, with a low Resonance.
 Ultabati bowl looks very attractive. Because these bowl’s shape are very easy and they also produces a different type of sound.

If we talk about the designing part so, it has Large and cauldron-like, round bottom, scooped rim and downward tilted lip. Apart from that, this ultabati also comes in best Tibetan Bowls in India.

    7. Mani: Squat, and yet high- Pitched
The walls of this Mani singing bowl are very high and very thick due to which the sound coming out of it is very beautiful and melodious.

Its mani bowl shape has Conical, quat, bulbous taping wall, wide inward-facing lip, flat bottom.

This Mani Singing Bowl produces a very good sound that makes our body feel relaxed and it also relaxes our brain which is very important for us at this time because in today’s time everyone is full of stress.

    8. Lingam: Ritualistic with a pulsating ring
It is a Low shallow profile and comes with protrusion in the center of bowl, Apart from that it has a bold lips and flat bottom with the navel.

It is different from others bowls because there is a navel-like texture that makes it very beautiful and its sound becomes nice and beautiful.


The best Tibetan bowls in India are very good, they are mostly seen in the Tibetan market, but now days most people use it a lot in their daily life because at this time everyone struggles with the problem and can’t sleep properly. Apart from that they keep thinking negativity all the time.

Those people should use these best Tibetan bowls to heal their self.

If you have any questions and suggestions, please do let us know in the comment box.

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