[New]Best full body massage chairs in India 2022


Best full body massage chair in India

Full body massage chair| April 2022 |Check on Amazon

Mostly people went to the spa regularly and spend more money in the spa. But visiting a massage spa regularly this is very costly.

At this time all people are very busy in our daily schedule, and mostly all people tired with the work, so this best full body massage chairs in India help you to get relief of pain.

In the chair include some airbags (that’s compress and decompress) or roller (that move left & right/up and down) to improve blood circulation and relax the muscles. Apart from that, they are programmed with several massage styles like kneading tapping and others like mimic the feeling of a professional masseuse. 

Massage chairs are very expensive equipment but these chairs are very best for pain relief and this chair provides comfort to you.

In the below has the best full body massage chair in India

Gravity full Body Massage Chair for Home & Office. Gravity full Body Massage Chair for Home & Office.
JSB MZ08 Smart Urban Zero Gravity
  • Heat: Lower Back Heat
  • 2D/3D/4D: 3D
  • Power Consumption: 200W
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Full Body Massage chair Full Body Massage chair
Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage
  • Level: 3 Level width adjustable
  • Recline: One button recline
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Best full body massage chairs in India . Best full body massage chairs in India .
Sobo A382 Robotic Zero Gravity best full body
  • Shaped: 135cm L-shaped
  • Massage: Sobo Massage technology
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Zero Gravity Foot & Calf Massage. Zero Gravity Foot & Calf Massage.
JSB MZ24 3D Massage Chair Zero Gravity
  • Modes: 12 Different type modes
  • Gravity: Zero Gravity Experience
  • Warranty 1 Year
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  1. JSB MZ08 Smart Urban Zero Gravity full Body Massage Chair for Home & Office.



Airbag: Full Body Airbag & Roller
Heat: Lower Back Heat
2D/3D/4D: 3D
Power Consumption: 200W
Installed Dimension: 58*31*47”
Recline Length: 72”
Launch : Quick Launch
Mode: Auto mode and option to select different body parts
Warranty: 1 year warranty

Simple Interface: Easy to Use- This exercise has easy to use and simple interface who is makes it amazing for use by every age group. Apart from that, the full interactive remote control of the massage chair has been built considering every age group from children, adults to elders with very convenient functions. Anybody person easily use this best full body massage chairs in India.

Lower Back Heat- When you select this lower back heat option in this chair after that it is completely remove all weight and pressure while enjoying the heating function that warms your lower back. The massage chairs comes with a heater to provide comfort to your lower back.

»With the JSB MZ08, you can expect following health benefits:

»Promotes blood circulation

»Proper Foot care

»We care for your back

»Pain Relief

»Full Body Relaxation

  • Full body massage with kneading roller and airbags
  • 3D Roller neck to button (Airbag massage on shoulder, arms, thighs, calves and Feet)
  • Good Roller Coverage
  • Zero Gravity
  • Lower Back Heat
  • Only two color is available
  • (Purple-white and red- white)

  1. Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair



Airbags: Total 20PCS Airbag Massage
Back: 113cm Massager Hand
Foot: Magnetic Sole roller massage
HIP: Detachable Sea cushion
Armrest: Convenient storage box
Level: 3 Level width adjustable
Recline: One button recline
Warranty: 1 year warranty

Convenient Storage Box- In this best massager chair has convenient storage box with the help handrail is equipped with a convenient storage box, which can be placed with a manual controller or a mobile phone. Apart from that, You more enjoy the massage experience.

3 Levels of massage width adjustable- This best full body massage chairs in India provided to you 3 level massages adjustable with the help you can do massage easily. S shape massage structures in backrest were designed according to human body engineering principle, make back massage close- fitting in place 6-21 cm width has 3 levels adjustable for wide middle and narrow.

One Button recline- Massager chair is designed innovative space-saving structure, which can save 60-80cm space in back.

Air Pressure- in these chairs has 20pcs airbags in total and 3 levels air pressure intensity adjustable. Apart from that, it is provided to you full relaxing feeling from your shoulders to feet.

  • Vertically movable
  • Pre programmable time
  • Kneading & flapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Knocking
  • Not found any cons

  1. Sobo A382 Robotic Zero Gravity best full body massage chairs in India .



Gravity: Zero Gravity massage positions
Shaped: L- Shaped Curved rail
Modes: Two memory modes
Heating: 40-50 degree c
Shaped: 135cm L-shaped
Massage: Sobo Massage technology
Warranty: 1 year Warranty

Automatic Shoulder detection- This best full body massage chairs in India has an automatic shoulder detection and localization system. Apart from that, this system involves scanning your shoulders before each massage session to detect the user’s height and weight, to achieve a perfectly personalized massage session. It is very useful to all because with this feature your neck and shoulder getting relief.

Upper arm and forearm vertical massageIn sobo A382 comes with improvements in the area of arm massage. With the help of it, massage cushions have different positions, so that placing your upper arms in the dedicated spaces becomes much and more comfortable.

Zero Gravity massage positions– In this new sobo massager chair allows you to adjust the chair to 3 zero gravity positions, by this you will achieve a state of weightlessness. Apart from that, you will be able to enjoy perfect, unrestricted relaxation.

When you turn on the zero gravity mode of this bike than the angle of elevation between body and legs is approximately 118 degrees.

After that, your thighs and calves are in a higher position than the heart. The gravity point each body part will be distributed evenly across the massage chair so that the pressure on the body will be fully dissipated.

Free calf rest extension– This free calf rest extension depends on the user’s height, the calf test can extend freely, by up to 15cm which ensures a full body massage according to the individual height of each user. 

  • Body Relief
  • Calf rest extension
  • L-Shaped curved rail
  • Zero Gravity massage
  • Two memory modes
  • No found any cons

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  1. JSB MZ24 3D Massage Chair Zero Gravity Foot & Calf Massage.



Roller: 3D Roller
Airbags: Different type of airbags
Controls: 2 in 1 controls
Feature: Voice command
Bluetooth & Mp3 Yes in build
Modes: 12 Different type modes
Gravity: Zero Gravity Experience
Warranty 1 Year warranty

Full massage customization- In this treadmill has full massage customization with the help you can control your massage easily and fast.

Apart from that, in this best full body massage chairs in India has lots of options to choose from your requirement.

LCD Display- In this best chair has LCD display with visual interface. This is the very unique feature because this helps you to see the massage activity. And you can easily see the massage mode in action on screen.

Air Bags- This massager machine provided to you best air bags who are very best for your comfort. And its bags also have in your foot and near neck.

Apart from that, full body airbag &soft roller strokes are very best in this chair.

Voice Control- Voice control is the awesome mode in the massage chair. You easily can be operated through by it as well.

  • Full body airbags
  • Synchronized calf massage
  • 150W Power consumption
  • Remote control
  • Promotes Blood circulation
  • Space saving capsule type sleek design
  • Pain relief fast
  • Full body relaxation
  • Not found any cons

In the below has some very important factors about best full body massage chairs in India who is make an informed choice.

How to choose a massage chair?

In the chair, we carefully check the motor power, airbags, warranty and its technologies because the massager chairs are a very expensive product.

  1. Chair size and space

You should check the massage chairs dimensions in the product description because it is heavy in size. So this most important factor, this depends on you how much space you have to allow in your home for this.

Apart from that, some best full body massage chairs in India come with the reclining feature, you should make sure it has free space beside it. Generally, chairs need only 18-24 inches clearance between it back and the wall adjacent to it. And some manufacture also provided space-saving technology.

  1. Body Coverage- With the help of body chair you cover your full body massage but some chairs focus only on back muscles. If you want to experience back or neck pain, then regular massage chairs are enough. If you are an

athlete, so this chair covers your full body and gives you fast relief. Apart from that, this massage chair goes for a massage that concentrates on leg massage as well.

  1. Intensity Massage- 

This best full body Massage chairs in India will be equipped with different intensity levels to customize the massage according to user’s needs. You carefully check the motors for the maximum intensity of the massage. Apart from that, choose the best model with more intensity, as you can decrease it if required.

  1. Massage StylesMassage style is very important so I suggest to you before buy this massage chair first you should check what type of massage is included in this chair. Different type of massage provided different area relief. You should check in the massage chair that it is good for your massaging requirements.

Here is some of the common massage style


In this type of massage, a circular motion is applied. It compresses soft tissues against each other or against the underlying bones, which is very beneficial for our meat pieces.

Besides, some massage chair models gently inflate the airbags to mimic the same feeling and Use deflation which is very important for increasing flexibility, healing tight muscles and relieving pain.


A rolling massage point is given in this best massage chair, with the help of which the skin is lifted. And it is rotated between the thumb and other fingers of the masseur.

With the help of best full body massage chairs in India that goes up and down in the chairs, some chairs models use airbags or a combination of both rollers and air to provide a rolling massage.

This gives your body fast relief. Apart from that, this technique is very good for treading loose skin and muscular tension.


Tapping is considered a percussive massage technique by inflating and deflating the airbags. They will move against your back which will benefit your back pain as soon as possible.

This technique improves blood circulation, local temperature and tissue elasticity.

  1. Type of Massage chairs.

Full body massage chairs in India comes with different types. In the below, we are mentioned all detail of each type.


If you want a massage chair looks similar to a traditional chair, this is right for you. These best chairs come with a chair and footstool delivering amazing relief.


In the recline massage chair are a lower-end version of zero gravity chairs. This type of chair does not support completely by the chair.

This best full body massage chairs in India does not lift to the long similar height of the heart. Apart from that, that’s a type of chairs, does not the same feeling as zero gravity massage chair.

However, these chairs are great for providing enough and comfort to provide a relaxing experience and are ideal for use as you watch TV or read your favorites book.

Full Body massage chair

These type of best full body massage chairs in India provided to you full body massage and relief to the entire body from neck to legs. Its chairs are very expensive because this type of chairs provided for you a full body massage. Apart from that, these chairs have a different type of technology.

  1. Coverage

These chair coverage many different types of massage.

  • Head Massager
  • Foot Massager
  • Neck Massage
  • Hip Massage
  • Arm Massage

  1. Safety

The massage chair provided total safety to you but some situations it can be a little overworked. We use this best massage chair at least 15 to 30 minutes, maximum twice a day. Never gave this massage chair to the children and the elderly without supervision.

  1. Checking customer reviews 

Before purchasing this massage chair you should check the customer reviews carefully. Because when the people purchase the chair they use chair per day wise. Many people even provide reviews after using the product for a few months. We recommend going for a product that has been rated 4 stars or above by maximum customers.

Entertainment and Connectivity Features. 

  1. Mp3 Player

In some massage chair provided to you mp3 player option with the help, you listen to the song while you doing massage.

  1. USB Port

Best full body massage chairs in India some chair comes with a USB port. It is helpful to you for a charge mobile device and uses it while getting a massage.

  1. Remote Control

The help of the remote you can change the massage style, increase or decrease the intensity and speed level. Apart from that, with the help of remote, you control speed and turn on or turn off, of the chair. Some remote controls are built-in to the chair while others offer wireless option.

  1. LED Lights

In these chairs has some LED lights. This is very useful for the user’s because while you do massage with this chair. You should turn off all light of his room and while you doing massage with this chair you simply turn on the LED light and enjoy like a spa.


When you connect Bluetooth with this massage chair, you listen to music or podcasts directly through massage chair speaker.

Some General Factors of Massage Chair

  1. The material of massage chair

Most massage chairs made with faux leather as real leather don’t have the capacity t handle airbags and roller pressure.

  1. Silent Operation 

Some chairs manufacture provided generate silent mode in the chairs. This is the best to you and your family because while you use it then it is not generating noise. So by this feature, your family doesn’t disturb.

  1. Cup Holder

The cup holder will be helpful while you using a massage chair and you take something by cup so this feature helps you to hold a cup or glass while you enjoying a massage. It can also be used for the store remote.

      4. Brand 

By the way, most of the brand is very best in the massage chair but I selected the best brands to you. Who is helping to find the best chair brand?

  1. JSB MZ08
  2. Robotouch Urban 
  3. Sobo A382 
  4. JSB MZ24 3D

Frequently Asked Question Answer

What’s the best massage chair on the market?

Many types of massager chair available in the market, all chairs are very good. This is depending on you that how much spend money on the massage chair. In the below, I selected some chairs, who is the very best massage chair.

  1. JSB MZ24 3D Massage Chair Zero Gravity Foot & Calf Massage.
  2. Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair
  3. Sobo A382 Robotic Zero Gravity best full body massage chairs in India.
  4. JSB MZ08 Smart Urban Zero Gravity full Body Massage Chair for Home & Office.

Can massage chairs hurt you?

No, the massage chairs never heart you because it has many type airbags, who is very comfortable for your body and it is not dangerous to your body and any parts.

Can I use massage chair every day?

Yes, you can use massage chair per day period but I recommended to you that use the massage chair a day 15 to 20 minutes. It is enough time to relieve the tension and take care of your frame of mind.

What is a zero gravity massage chair?

With the help of gravity massage you can allow you to adjust the chair to 3 zero gravity positions, by this you will achieve highly reclined position takes the stress off of your spine and elevates your feet and legs over your heart while the chair massages your entire body.


So this is the list of the best full body massage chairs in India. Let us know if you are using any of the reviewed models. How do you like it? 

These all massage chair is very best and you can easily fit in your home anywhere. Apart from that, when you use these chairs in daily routine so you do not need to go to the spa. If you have any questions and suggestions, about the massage chair, please do let us know in the comment box.