[New]Top 6 Best Foot Massager Machine in India 2022


Best Foot Massager machine in India

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These Best Foot Massager Machine in India provide you with two ways health benefits first physical and second mental.

This is the most important reason and these devices have become extremely popular and must-have in any household. Apart from that, it also improves your sleep and overall mental as well as.

Foot massager a better product for home use with the help you can easily massage your feet and getting relaxation from a stressful day at home.

Foot massage can help relieve pain, tension and knots in the feet while stimulating blood circulation. These devices are a great option for people with plantar fasciitis and diabetes, as their pulsating nodes generate subtle pressure vibrations to work on ligaments, joints, tendons and connective tissues to relieve pain.

In this busy schedule, anybody has no time and not possible for the go-to spa in your daily routine. Apart from that, this is very expensive. 

These are capable of providing different type of massage experience like water, shiatsu, and vibration and infrared.

Best Foot Massager Machine in India.

Here we are discussing in detail about benefits, feature and models of  Foot Massager Machine.

  1. Physio (USA) Electric Massage Powerful Foot, Calf and Hand Massagers Machine


Pads: Flexible Rubber
Motor: 40W
Motor Specification: AC-220-240V, 50Hz, 15mins auto shutoff
Massage Types: Heating, Shiatsu, Kneading, Acupoint, Rolling Massage
Buttons: Power, Auto, Heating, Manual, Direction, Speed
Display: LED Display with touch Button
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Product Dimensions: 64×40×30 cm, 5.6 kg
 Key Feature 
  • Display- This  foot massager machine has a unique and touchable display. In this display, you saw time and massage modes. Apart from that, in this Best Foot Massager Machine in India display has many types of touch button with the help you can control Power, Auto, Heating, Manual, Direction and Speed. 
  • Removable Washable Fabric cover with zip- In this machine has a removable washable fabric cover who is helps in easy cleaning and good hygiene.
  • Four Flexible Kneading Disks-This function is unique in this massager machine. This provides professional massage to calf muscles, feet and ankles.
  • Motor- Motor is the main part of the machine. In this machine has a powerful copper motor with pure copper wire for energy efficiency and prolonged motor life, this is providing good performance.
  • Easy to use

  • 4 Automatic Programs

  • 3 Custom Massage modes

  • LED Touchable Display

  • Helps relieve fatigue, improves blood circulation

  • Acupressure points

  • Noiseless Operation

  • Remote

  • Don’t has massage knees with it


  1. JSB Leg Foot and Calf best foot Massager Machine in India.


Body: U Shape Body
Pads: Rubber Kneading
Motor: 80W
Product Dimensions: 40×45×45
Display: LED Display
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
 Key Feature 
  • Motor- In this Best Foot Massager Machine in India has a powerful 80W motor and this motor has supper performance apart from that it is the long-lasting durable motor. Its motor comes with copper wiring.
  • U-Shaped- This motor has u shaped it is very good because with the help of u shape you can use while sitting or sleeping. It is a very comfortable massager machine. 
  • Comfortable- This  is very comfortable for the sportsperson, working people, elderly patients and housewives. 
  • Cover the different type pain- With the help of this, you can cover all types pain like Relieves Calf pain, Relieves foot pain, stimulates acupressure points, Relieves varicose veins, Increase blood circulation.
  • With soothing heat and kneading massage
  • Heavy-duty long-life motor
  • Pain Relief
  • Use while sitting or sleeping
  • Massage calf and foot
  • No any cons


  1. JSB HF 111 Leg Foot Massager Machine for Calf Pain Relief and Knee Heating






Heating Therapy

Display: LED Display
Buttons: Touchable button
Mode: 3 Type vibration mode
Recline: Up to 45 degree
Warranty: 1 Year warranty

 Key Feature  

  • Recline- This Best Foot Massager Machine in Indiahas 45-degree recline. You use this feature when you sitting and you can control reclining 15-minute auto-off in this best foot massager machine. 
  • 3 Mode- In this best massager machine has 3 modes of vibration with the help you can get fast relief with this best feature. Apart from that, you can get a relaxing and reflexology vibration plate on the sole.
  • Heating Therapy- JSB massager provided to you heating therapy in this. You can even apply heat to your tired and aching calves and things with our massage chair. Apart from that, you can control the degree of heat. 
  • Kneading- That is the best feature with the help you can get kneading essentially consists of alternating and intermittent compression and squeezing of the tissue. 

With the help, your leg  achieves this. Apart from that, you get 20 airbags that give you comfortable air pressure massage. And in this machine, you can control the pressure applied as well.  

  • Useful for- It is very useful for pain in the calves, thighs or knees, foot pain relief, tiredness in feet due to walking/standing and foot reflexology.
  • Heat Therapy
  • 3 Modes of vibratio
  • Recline upto 45 Degree
  • Valuable for money
  • Help in blood circulation
  • Kneading
  • 5’6” above that height this will not cover some part of upper calves

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  1. Agaro foldable Leg and Calf Massager with Air compressed



Designed: Space saving concept
Other feature: Air compressed kneading
Therapy: Mild Heat Therapy to improve blood circulation
Other Design specification Foldable
Display LED display with the touchable buttons
Product Dimensions: 29 x 45 x 45 cm ; 10.8 Kg
Warranty: 1 year warranty
 Key Feature 
  • Stimulation under Sole- Agaro massager machine provided to you a BI- directional roller stimulates the vital reflexology pressure points at the sole of the feet to improve blood circulation, increase metabolism and stimulate the vitality of skin. You get this all thing in this Best Foot Massager Machine in India.
  • Vibration Therapy- With the vibration therapy you can massage with this machine and vibration therapy contracts and relaxes the muscle thereby helps to loosen up tight muscles. Apart from that, it stimulates the soft tissues and nerves which help to relieve muscular tension and decrease your stress.
  • Infrared Heat Therapy- Heat therapy very best for your foot massage with this you can heat your foot (Maximum 45 degree C). This provides a warm comforting sensation. Apart from that eases the muscle stiffness and increases blood flow thereby helps to get relief from pain faster. 
  • Customized Massage Therapy- As per your desire, you can enjoy the massage in various combinations. In the customized therapy you can choose to massage either foot or calf or both together.Moreover, in this, you have the option to choose the kneading pressure in three modes like mild, medium and strong as wall the vibration therapy in these modes – low, medium and high.
  • Friendly Controls- It comes with touch buttons allows you to select between the controls easily while the LED display helps to understand the different setting clearly. Apart from that, with this feature, you can easily store conveniently at your desired location.
  • Foldable Design
  • Vibration Therapy

  • 3 Preset pressure options

  • Air Compression Massage

  •     Not good for old People


  1. Robotouch Pedilax Leg and best foot massager machine in India.





Heating Therapy

Display: LED Display
Buttons: Touchable button
Programs: 3 automatic reflexology programs
Dimensions: 56 x 40 x 40 cm
Warranty: 1 Year warranty
 Key Feature 
  • Heat Release function-This heat function is very best for your leg and the cutting edge product is preloaded with a proprietary heat release function. Apart from that, this enables the massager to release heat automatically and pass warmth to ease muscle. 
  • Three Massager loaded- In this Foot Massager Machine  with a unique, patented three-point reflexology program for enhanced health and wellness benefits. This is the best technology help to you in rejuvenates feet, calf and sole reflex points instantly. 
  • Blood Circulation- The smart massager is built to deliver optimum health benefits by improving blood circulation in the feet. Apart from that, in this Best Foot Massager Machine in India has functions in various modes to revitalize and stimulate feet blood circulation.
  • Relaxes the body, induces deep sleep
  • Toned, revitalized leg muscles

  • Advanced carbon fiber heating to ease muscles

  • Great therapy for diabetics

  • Breathes life into weary feet

  • Rejuvenates life into weary feet

  • Improved blood circulation

  •     only one colour available


  1. Hasley Leg and calf Best foot massager machine in India.


Ergonomic Styling: Enhanced tile
Other feature: Air compressed kneading
Therapy: Mild Heat Therapy to improve blood circulation
5 Different Modes: Auto mode, feet mode, shock mode, leg mode and heat mode
Display LED display with the touchable buttons
Warranty: 1 year warranty
 Key Feature 
  • Powerful Reflexology Massage- Reflexology massage brings the body back into its natural equilibrium which promotes the body is the natural healing power. Apart from that, mostly foot and calf Best Foot Massager Machine in India tend to clamp onto the ankle, pooling and trapping blood in the foot, the reflex SOL features a motion that goes around the calf, forcing blood back to the heart and improving circulation.
  • Display- In this massager machine has a unique display onboard console means easy access to select from the auto-massage mode of manual mode. This is provided to you unique feature like shock and leg mode with three different speed settings in each mode for a customizable massage experience soothing every inch of your legs and calves. 
  • Effective kneading rollers with heat function- Kneading roller provide to you 12 deep rollers that target acupuncture points on your foot legs and calves. This will help stimulate the blood flow and lighten effects of various types of leg pains. 
  • 5 Different Modes- In this  has 5 different modes like auto mode, feet mode, shock mode, leg mode and heat function for heating. In the below discussion about the functions in detail:
  1. Auto Mode- With the help of this auto mode the device operates automatically with the best massage. 
  2. Feet Mode- When you choose this mode then you can set the massage parameters to suitable your foot.
  3. Heat Mode- With the heat mode you warm your foot with the help of heating sensation.
  4. Leg Mode- you easily select this function and get massage for your leg.
  • Easy to carry and convenient to store
  • Patented figure 8 technology
  • Adjustable tilt base
  • Powerful Reflexology Massage
  • Removable sleeve Covers
  • cannot be used if you have swelling


Some Important Factor to Consider While Purchasing Massager Machine.

If you have no idea so here we are discus, How to analyze the best massager machine, then the below-buying guide helps you.  Reach each factors carefully t make an informed decision.

Purpose of the buy- Foot massager is tailored just to remove the stress and improve relaxation. While there are some medical benefits from it, you can use this Massager to relieve your pain, you can use it to reduce your swelling, improve blood circulation and reduce pain.

Moreover, think carefully the reason for your purchase. Here some of the question you should ask include.

  • Do you pain in the feet or calf muscles as well?
  • Do you feel stress in your daily life by the foot pain?
  • Are you looking at Best Foot Massager Machine in India?
  • Do you feel pain in sitting/standing for several hours?

These questions help you to find a best massager machine. If you have any pre-existing medical condition, ask your doctor and get advise one.

There is many type of massages.

  1. Water Massager
  2. Infrared Massager
  3. Shiatsu Massager
  4. Electric Massager


  1. Water Massage- In this Massager using water with witch light and bubble effect to provide you relaxing experience. The water massage is much larger and heavier than your regular electric foot massagers. Apart from that, it’s come with extra accessories whose help you in a good pedicure.
  1. Infrared Massage– Infrared treatment is very good tissue. Infrared light is used for people with chronic pain or fast pain. This infrared light improves the circulation of oxygen-rich blood in the body. Apart from that, this promotes rapid healing of deep tissues and relieves pain. This type of massage is not intense and helpful for old persons.
  1. Shiatsu Massage- Shiatsu massage gave your foot heating element, vibration and rotating heads to mimic famous Japanese kneading massaging experience. This is the most extreme massage type that targets pressure points of your foot. 
  2. Electric Massage- This type of massage is very unique because in this massager uses roller and balls to massage your foot. 

Apart from that, this foot massager has a vibration, kneading and combination of both techniques to massage your foot. Electric Massager comes in different type like handheld and closed. 

In this massager, you simply put your foot in massager machine and the machine started than your foot gets to relax.

Benefits of best Foot Massager Machine in India

Benefits of a foot and foot massage machine In addition to simply relaxing, you can get many benefits from a foot and foot massage machine. A good massage helps to soothe tight muscles. It also improves blood circulation. Let’s take a brief look at all the benefits that a better foot and foot massager will provide you.

Calming and Strengthening Muscle Tissue: A foot and foot massage stimulates the muscle tissue of the foot in a dedicated way through a combination of vibrations, kneading, oscillations and rolling actions around the foot in such a way that it Produces a calming effect that also helps increase blood circulation and relieves leg aches, pains and fatigue. All these actions will be further converted into increasing the strength of the muscle tissue of the legs. Massaging the feet and legs after doing a leg workout in the gym can be really beneficial for you.

Affordable and Effective Massage: Foot and foot massage machines will also reduce your costs for spas and massage centers, saving you the high costs that these service providers charge you for a single visit, so these massagers Those will also provide you monetary benefits. Having your own foot and foot massage machine allows you and your family members to get free foot massage whenever and wherever they want, which is a great advantage of electric foot and foot massage machines.

Improves Blood Circulation – A foot and foot massager that benefits you by increasing the blood circulation in your feet and legs and thus throughout the body and gives you many benefits. Another benefit of foot and foot massage machines is that you feel more energized and fit with the massage experience they provide, which will also keep your blood pressure in check.

Fast Wound Recovery: Electric Foot and Leg Massage Machine also greatly helps in fast and efficient healing of wounds caused due to any foot injury. Regular use of these massages during injury can be very helpful in recovering from many health conditions such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel sprains, bunions, PMS symptoms, low back pain and many more. It can help to relax and release tension from your entire body. These leg massagers will help you recover better and faster from your injuries. Operating the foot and foot massage machine at a very low intensity in conjunction with heat functions will certainly help to shorten your recovery time from your injury.

Relieve Walking Anxiety: If you get anxious easily knowing that you need to walk long distances because of constant aches and pains in your feet, you can try these electric foot and leg massagers like foot massage machines and foot massagers. Must try. They are specially designed to give you quick relief from your aches and pains which will really help you deal with your running related concerns as well. Massaging yourself for 15 minutes a day improves your mood, regulates your blood pressure and lowers your anxiety level.

In the below some frequently asked questions related to Massager machine

Which is the Best Foot Massager Machine in India?

Normally all massager machine is very best for foot but I have prepared this list after gaining a lot of information.

There is some very best massager machine brand who is very best in his work.

  1. Lifelong LLM81 Foot Massager with Heat
  2. JSB Leg Foot and Calf.
  3. JSB HF 111 Leg Foot Massager Machine for Calf Pain Relief and Knee Heating
  4. Agaro foldable Leg and Calf Massager with Air compressed
  5. Robotouch Pedilax Leg.
  6. Hasley Leg and calf.

Which is the best body massager in India?

This is very best massager machine India

  1. Lifelong LLM81 Foot Massager with Heat
  2. JSB Leg Foot and Calf.

Is it good to use body massager?

Yes, massager has the many benefits because they relax and decontract muscles improve skin elasticity relieve chronic pain.

Apart from that, they provide a massage of a certain quality, although obviously they do not reach the level of a masseuse.


 So, here is the list of best Foot Massager Machine in India based on quality, positive reviews and feedback from their existing users.

If you do not have the required details, you can refer to our Foot and Foot Massage Machine Buying Guide for a quick reference. We have tried to cover all the relevant points that you should consider while deciding to buy the foot and foot massager that best suits you.

Also, the foot and foot massagers on the bottom 5 of this list are pretty good too, but they tend to stay at the bottom because of their high functionality and high prices, making them a definite must-have if you want a high-end massager for yourself. should choose from. .

If you have any doubt or queries then please do let us know in the comments below. We will surely help you and will respond to you