Top 5 Best back support belts in India 2022


Best back support belts in India

Back support belts | Check on Amazon | March 2022

Many people suffer from the inadequate and improper structure. The vertebrae of the lumbar region support the upper body weight and provide proper posture to the body.

But sitting for a long time causes great tension to the spine of the lumbar and sacral regions which can cause back pain.

A back support belt can be chosen from the best back support belts in India to get relief from back pain and to be a fully structured back, which motivates you to stay upright.

The lumbar support belt not only benefits you by giving the body proper shape and support but also reduces stress on the lumbar muscles. It helps to give muscles a longer rest. It helps us look right and stay active and fit.

The most often recommended is the lower back support belt, which supports the lumbar spine. These are lightweight and can be covered inside the fabric, which ultimately makes it highly portable and comfortable for the user.

Back braces are classified as flexible, semi-rigid and rigid back braces. These braces are very helpful to relieve pain from sciatica and disc problems.

Best back pain belt Best back pain belt
Tynor Lumbo Sacral Flexible
  • Size Large (40-46)
  • Brand Tynor
  • Material Foam
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Back Pain belt for Hip circumference Large Back Pain belt for Hip circumference Large
Elnova Lumbo Sacral Corset Back Pain
  • Size Large (90-100) cm and comes with more sizes
  • Brand Elnova
  • Material Foam
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For men and women For men and women
Caresmith Advanced Posture Corrector
  • Size Chest: 85-115cm (M-L)
  • Brand Caresmith
  • Material Foam
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Back Support belts for men and women Back Support belts for men and women
SpiffySky Posture corrector shoulder
  • Size Medium
  • Brand SpiffiySky
  • Material Drytex
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Belt Hip circumferencen Belt Hip circumferencen
Elnova Lumbo sacral Corset Back pain
  • Size X- Large
  • Brand Elnova
  • Material Aluminium
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In the below has the best back support belt for lower back pain in India

Best Back pain belt

1.Tynor Lumbo Sacral Flexible best back pain belt



Size Large (40-46)
Brand Tynor
Material Foam
Indication Provide abdominal support after post pregnancy
Color Grey
Dimension 19x10x3
Item weight 430 gm

About the Item:
  • Provides ideal back support for general use in mild back pain. Flexible back splints take the body shape for comfortable stabilization.
  • Highly porous elastic webbing improves ventilation and increases user comfort.
  • The double pull mechanism ensures strong fastening and fitting. And the large hook loop panel allows controlled compression and flexibility in bureaucracy.
  • Easy to apply and remove, daily use, light weight, durable and long functional life.
  • For the correct size, please measure the circumference around the navel and see the corresponding size in the size chart.
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Double pull mechanism
  • Highly porous elastic
  • Ideal for back support
  • Value for money

  • Please buy one size larger than your requirement

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2. Elnova Lumbo Sacral Corset Back Pain belt for Hip circumference Large



Size Large (90-100) cm and comes with more sizes
Brand Elnova
Material Foam
Indication Provide abdominal support after post pregnancy
Color Beige
Dimension 21x5x29 cm
Item weight 520 gm

About the Item:
  • This best back support belts in India comes with the Ffully elastic material offers snug fit
  • 4 anatomically contoured aluminium stays for additional support
  • It is very Comfortable spinal support
  • Comes with the additional elastic straps for reinforcement
  • Soft padding for better comfort
  • Dual strap for extra reinforcement
  • Made of full elastic material for a snug fit to the body
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use

  • Seller charge heavy on delivery


3. Caresmith Advanced Posture Corrector For men and women



Size Chest: 85-115cm (M-L)
Brand Caresmith
Material Foam
Indication Provide abdominal support after post pregnancy
Color Light Grey
Dimension 24x16x3.4 cm
Item weight 60 gm


About the Item:

Fix your posture: The advanced posture reformer is ergonomically designed to support you judiciously and comfortably.

We suggested wearing best back support belts in India  20 minutes a day in the first week. If you are comfortable then we suggest that you increase that time by 20 minutes every week, until you completely make the wearer of 2 hours every day completely comfortable.

Long-term Corrective Benefits – We do not want you to maintain your posture forever, posture corrective muscles to strengthen and align your spine so that you can now stand up straight with your shoulders straight, even That when your brace is not worn

Versatile and Flexible Sizing – Posture Corrector-m-L is designed for chest circumference: 85–115 cm. Please measure the circumference of your chest below your chest for a proper fit

Adjustable and easy to wear – Your posture corrector is designed with two things in mind – premium support and ease of use. Like putting on a backpack and adjusting, you can easily fix your posture to fit your body and provide targeted support to relieve your pain.

  • Strengthens your back muscles
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Prevents further damage
  • Helps you extend your reach
  • Improves balance and flexibility
  • No neck pain, No Headaches
  • Wear it anytime anywhere

  • Comes with the only one color

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4. SpiffySky Posture corrector shoulder Back Support belts for men and women



Size Medium
Brand SpiffiySky
Material Drytex
Color Black
Dimension 5x20x18
Item weight 180 gm

About the Item:
  • This best back support belts in India has elastic fabric, PP bars material, adjustable straps, color: black, suitable for: work, walking, exercise and rest. Back support should not be a one-size-fits-all. This is why this asana belt and shoulder reformer has movable D-rings and fully adjustable straps.
  • Upper body support that still lets you move. Gardening, cleaning, driving, mowing the lawn, carrying groceries – sometimes, your back needs a little extra help
  • Get relief from back, shoulders and neck pain while working on computer.

Note-Please check your size before purchasing.

  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Impaired blood flow
  • Best for the men and women

  • It is effective for correction of posture and pain releaf.



5. Elnova Lumbo sacral Corset Back pain Belt Hip circumferencen



Size X- Large
Brand Elnova
Material Aluminium
Color Black
Dimension 21x5x29cm
Item weight 543 gm

About the Item:
  • This best back support belts in India Elnova is the No. 1 designated brace for low back pain
  • Fully elastic material provides snug fit
  • 4 physically contour aluminum stays for extra support
  • Casual spinal support
  • Additional elastic straps for reinforcement
  • Made of full elastic material for a snug fit to the body
  • Dual strap for extra reinforcement
  • Soft padding for better comfort
  • Tighten the extra strap for additional reinforcement

  • Not found any

How to use back support belts in India

Below are the steps through which you should wear a back support belt. A back belt is convenient to support the back of the body.

You should never hold the belt for too long. This can weaken the muscles and back pain can resume after a while.

You should measure the lower back and buy a belt accordingly. If the mid-section is large then go with a larger size.

If the belt has two flaps, release the flaps from the Velcro and place them on the edge of the belt. This will make the entire process easy and smooth for the user.

You may also find that there is a flap on the back of the belt that informs the user about the condition of the best back support belts in India.

Place this tag or marker in the middle of the lower back. You should ensure that the side seam is aligned with the pant seam.

The width of the belt also covers the elongated bone area and lower part of the body.

Never suck the belly or hang the middle part of the stomach just before putting the belt on. You should start from a neutral position that relaxes you.

Now wrap the belt around the front part. When you make the first part of the Velcro best back support belts in India clear that the two surfaces match and you get a solid base.

Never place the belt in a cross-cross position. You should also take care that one belt does not go over the other.

The actual position of the belt should be like the top edge of the belt which should be below the navy.

The belt should never be too tight. This can cause great discomfort to the body. You should never wash the belt in a machine.

The belt may be damaged. Washing hands in cold water is always the best way to clean the belt.

How to pick the best back support belts in India

When you are given hundreds of options to choose from, taking something is not an easy task. It’s going to be easier when you have fewer options to see and pick up.

To make it simple for you, we have listed the best ten back support belts for you, and if you are still unable to choose one from the list, this buying guide can help you a lot.

It has all the important points that you need to check before making a choice. So, we have a look at the buying guide…


It is very important to find the right size for you. While some brands offer only small, medium and large sizes, other popular brands also have extra small XXL or XXXL.

You will have a detailed guide on the best back support belts in India package to choose the right size according to the waist size. Before you start shopping for back support belts in the market, you need to make sure that you measure your waist.


Always make sure that you are choosing belts that are made of cotton and breathable material so that you are not uncomfortable wearing them for a long time.

When you are looking for the best content, you may have to spend a bit more, but this investment is worth it. They will last very long, even when you are wearing belts regularly.


Have you ever worn a dress that comes with straps, such as shoulder straps or waist straps? Then you should be aware that if you are wearing something, it is too short or too tight.

Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the belt you are choosing comes with comfortable straps.

You have to wear a back support belt every day, and if you are choosing something that can be loose in no time, they are of no use.

It is these straps that give you the right support that you need to support the back and improve your back posture.

Back Support Belt Type:

There are three types of best back support belts in India available in the market, and you have to choose one based on your needs:

Corset: If you are looking for a belt or brace that can help improve your posture, then the corset type is the best option.

They are also good for those who have undergone back surgery as this will limit the movement of the waist so that you will avoid unwanted bend of the waist area.

Rigid: For better support and stability, you should go for a rigid belt. They are the more difficult and safer option.

They are considered better than the previous type, because the corset can reduce movement. After the surgery, you will be able to reposition your muscles with the help of these belts as they can help you stand up better.

Professional: Best back support belts in India are used by people who lift heavy weights daily as part of their jobs. This belt is going to offer the support they need in their jobs and also protect them from any back injuries caused by lifting heavy weights.

Advantages of Back Support Belt and Shoulder Strap
With the help of support braces and belts prescribed by your doctor, you can ease healing, promote relief, and even help prevent major problems in the future.

  • Back support belt or braces, you will be able to immobilize the injured areas and thus help in a faster recovery.
  • If you have areas of weakness after major surgery, a belt will help immobilize that area immediately.
  • This will reduce the pressure and strain on your spine when you go lifting heavy objects.
  • The belt or brace will help promote better body posture and lengthen the spine.
  • A brace or belt will allow you to transition between sitting and standing more comfortably.
  • This will help relieve and reduce your back pain, allowing your body to stay in shape without the need for surgery.
  • Get active and move, which you might not otherwise be able to do without a brace or belt.
  • Your spine will be supported as long as you use it.

Benefits of Back support Belt in India 

Best back support belts in India


Frequently Asked Question Answer

Is it ok to wear a posture corrector all day?

Yes, it is okay to depend on a currency reformer all day, however, if you continue to depend on it, it can make you fully addicted.

Therefore, it is best recommended that you wear it only until you know the correct posture and then quit using them.

You must remember that you have worn a posture reformer to correct your posture and to teach you the correct posture, if you are careless and ignore it, you may regret it.

How long should I wear a back support belt?

It is true that in order to reap the maximum benefits of wearing a back-support belt, you should not wear it for too little or too long.

If you wear it for only a few days, it will have no effect and if you wear it for longer, your body will adapt to the new custom and it will be dangerous.

Therefore, you should wear a best back support belts in India for at least 10 days and not more than 2-weeks. This period is normal and can vary depending on the nature and condition of your body. To be on the safe side, consult a doctor before using a back-support belt.

Is it okay if I wear a back-support belt at sleeping?

Yes, if you are a busy person, using a back-support belt is one way. You must remember that wearing a back-support belt may not be a wise thing to do if you are a person who needs ultimate comfort on a mattress.

However, if you can’t find the time to wear different back-support belts on the bed at bedtime, that’s fine.

My friend mentioned not to use a lumbar support belt while sleeping, is it true? Is it harmful?

Yes, wearing a lumbar support belt while sleeping is not recommended. Wearing a lumbar support belt at bedtime can cause more stress on your back and then cause extreme back pain and discomfort.

How tight should be a back support belt should be worn?

This is one of the common issues of using a back-support belt, most people are unaware of how to wear it and how tight it should be.

Even, reputed brands fail to mention it in the instructions. However, to answer your question, the back-support belt must fit on your back and not cause any pain or irritation.

A back-support belt has to support its back and not cause any other issues. If you tighten the belt too much, it can put more pressure on your back and can also result in injury. So snug-fit it is.

If I depend too much on back support, it could have side effects?

Yes, there is back-support for support to reduce back pain. However, if you decide to depend too much on it, it could have negative effects in the future.

Relying too much on back-support can weaken your core, as your body becomes dependent on back-support.

Such development will mean that if you remove back-support in the future, the muscle and spine may not be able to help you.


Was the article helpful to you? After reading the list of best back support belts in India benefits you will be able to experience after using the back support belt, you will need to get a plan for yourself as well.

So, which of the above list did you like? Choose one of the ten options above, and you will never regret it. These are all very effective and help in treating back pain following other suggestions given by your doctor. It is a good alternative to many other expensive therapies and surgeries. Therefore, say goodbye to back pain with a support belt.

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